Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My time now

                    Time flys by so quick and I am back down the lake again work does get in the way as Fridays just can't come round fast enough shame init really as I am just wishing my life away. There was a few lads already down there by the time I got there so swim choice is always a problem for me as by the time I get there all the best ones are gone.
The swim I set up in is one called the upper point it's a good swim with plenty of water to go at. Night soon came and went with no action so after a bit of breakfast and a few brews of tea off I went for a walk to find out where these fish was hiding. Upper point is the last swim but one before you hit the bank which is the folly bank if you have read my blog last year when I had my first 30 from the lake it was off this bank.
I was up the tree in which I like to get up so you can see what's swimming about along the margin shelf within a few minutes a group of about 7-8 carp came waddling in from my left and I would say not one of them was under 30lb Then the next lot of carp again mid water came threw this time a mix of all sizes. That's all I needed to see and I was back at my swim getting 2 rods buzzers landing net and a bit of bait together and jogging back up to the folly bank. I was shaking as I was putting the bait on the hair I new it would not be long before I had one.
              With a under arm flick the baits was put in position only a rod length out with a hand full of chops only looking for one bite. My idea was when they came back hopefully they would see the bait and get on it with in a few minutes I was getting liners the bobbins lifting and dropping back I was right they had found it Both rods was getting liners now so which one would go first left or right???
I soon found out as the left hand rod started to bounce about I was in. It put up a good fight but I won the battle. My mate flash had seen me pull into the fish and came round and did the deed of netting the mirror we both looked in and the flash made it roll on to its side I saw and new the fish straight away it was the old worrier SCARGILL it was the fish I missed out on last year when I had them 12 fish feeding in the margins and Clippo had him a few days later off the same spot that's when I wanted to catch him and here he was in the bottom of my net. Get in there!!!

     He was soon weighed a nice healthy 34-06 first thirty of the year and very welcome he was too flash did the photos and we slipped the old boy back into his home. I thanked flash and nick for there help and I packed up my rods and went back to my swim with a massive smile on my face.
         The rest of the day I never really bothered putting the rods out till early evening I settled in for the night watching the water and listening to the smooth 70s on the radio once or twice I was woken up by the odd bleep which never went any further than a couple of bleeps again the next morning not much was showing most of the fish was over the other side of the lake on top as the sun made a rare appearance. At around 10 the right hand rod bobbin lifted gave one bleep then a few seconds later a one toner I pulled into the carp and all hell broke loose it took long deep runs time and time again it fought hard but over over time I managed to gather the line back of it and I soon bagged my target.
Another cambs pit fish was caught weighed and photoed another mirror this time it was 23-08 again a dark mirror typical of this lake. So all in all it was a good weekend two fish under my belt and one being a fish that I wanted to catch too I love it

Till next time